Is church too rapture-dependent?

The Christian church in America lies quiet, paralyzed, apparently moribund in the face of a wildfire of anti-Christian cultural and political trends sweeping the nation.

•Same-sex marriage;

•The Supreme Court’s decision labeling any and all opposition to the above as nothing short of bigotry;

•The first, unmistakable signs of persecution against those believers who do stand up in defiance often because they were entrapped by anti-Christian activists;

•A national freak show of the celebration of “transgenderism” and other deviant lifestyles;

•A government that no longer respects the will of the people and the law of the land, but caters to a radical secularist cultural elite;

•Four in 10 pregnancies are terminated by abortion;

•Christian parents continue to send their kids to government schools that have become killing grounds for faith and indoctrination centers for radical secularism and sexual anarchy;

•Half of evangelicals don’t even bother to vote.